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Collection: Cobblestones & Steppers

Custom Designed and Produced for Your Home

Our cobbles and stepping-stones are low-maintenance and long lasting, providing a slip-resistant surface that looks great and withstands harsh conditions. 

Bluestone cobbles are permeable, reducing water run-off and preventing flooding. If the ground shifts due to environmental change, eStone’s natural stones realign, rather than cracking like rigid concrete. Our unique and expertly cut cobblestones and stepping stones have the surface and shape to perfectly enhance Melbourne gardens and outdoor spaces.

Our creative flair and eye for detail come to the fore when creating cobble- and stepping-stone patterns and designs. Subtle variations in direction and stone-colour add character and charm to your garden and home.

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  • Bluestone Natural Steppers 20mm
    Bluestone Natural Steppers 20mm, Paving- eStone Direct
  • Bluestone Natural Steppers 30mm
    Bluestone Natural Steppers 30mm, Paving- eStone Direct


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