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Desert Sun Stackstone, Walling- eStone Direct
Desert Sun Stackstone, Walling- eStone Direct

Desert Sun Stackstone

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Our Desert Sun Stackstone is a natural quartzite stone with a mixture of browns, light grey, white and cream hues.


Each product is pre-prepared to present a natural open cut and irregular surface texture to create an authentic appearance.

These come in many stone types and colours and are cut flat on the backside ready to be glued on to a whole range of existing structures.

Commonly used for Fireplaces, retaining walls, feature walls, water features, letter boxes, bbq's, benches and outdoor kitchens.

Desert Sun Stackstone Body Tiles - 600 x 150 x 10-18mm 

Matching Corner Sets. The Corner set comes in two pieces, with one long 400mm piece and one shorter 200mm pieces = Total size 600 x 150 x 10-18mm 

11.11 pieces per square metre.



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