Planning to revamp your pool and looking for ideas to transform it into a more efficient and appealing space?

A swimming pool makes a luxurious addition to any home and with a planned renovation, you can get the best in terms of aesthetics and functionality. An attractive pool offers a great way to elevate the value and appeal of your home and requires consideration of every detail to get the desired outcome. At eStone Direct, we wish to offer solutions that enable you to make informed choices and construct spaces that adhere to the highest standards of quality.

Read on to know what makes pool tile and coping an important component of any pool renovation project.

To start with, are you wondering what a pool tile is?

As the name suggests, a pool tile is specifically used for pools. What makes it important is that it allows you to customise your space and add features based on your design preferences. A pool tile gives you the freedom to explore amazing designs and add them into the waterline, floor and steps. With a custom pool design, you can enhance the overall look of your backyard and make the pool the centre of attention. In case you are planning to add a pool tile, make sure to go for a material which is both sturdy and appealing. You can choose to go with porcelain, slate, glass, mosaic or stone.

Understanding Coping

The term coping implies stones or tiles that are used to border the exterior area of a pool. This border is usually placed around the top rim of the pool with boundaries around. This enriches the entire pool area with a seamless look and imparts a touch of modernity to your backyard.

With the huge options available for coping, the possibilities are wide. You can experiment with different styles based on your taste. In most cases, homeowners prefer neutral colours and materials to ensure that the coping effortlessly merges with the existing look. However, with customised options, you have the complete flexibility to design your space just the way you want.

Types of Coping

Bullnose Coping: In this method, concrete is placed up to the edge of the swimming pool with a round border lying on the exterior of the pool. The edge here is left smooth and curved.

Drop edge coping / rebated edge: Extensively used, the coping in this method is mounted to the pool wall’s top. This results in the creation of an edge, that hangs over the wall of the pool

Square Edge Coping: This is also installed to the top of the pool wall but its installation is flat. In this type of coping, there is no edge hanging over the pool water.

Let’s Explore the Benefits of Pool Tile and Coping

While pool tiles and coping offer a range of benefits, let us delve into the top benefits.


To start with, pool tiles add a seamless look to your outdoor area. From the design perspective, coping makes a huge difference in the overall look of your pool. Each stone is different with varying grain texture, colour and finish. This adds a distinct look to your pool. With the right selection of pool tiles, you can add a cohesive look to your backyard while experimenting with some amazing design possibilities. There are stunning colours to choose from. From neutral hues to vibrant ones, you can design the pool of your dreams.


When designing a pool, safety is an aspect that cannot be overlooked. By providing a non-slip surface, pool tile and coping ensure your safety and that of your family. The materials also keep you safe in summer from a hot pool deck. Materials like travertine are cool to touch even in the presence of direct sunlight. This ensures that you are comfortably able to enjoy your pool at all times.


Apart from offering aesthetic benefits, pool tiles and coping help to maintain your outdoor area. Coping ensures that the appearance of your pool is intact in spite of the regular wear and tear. By serving as an additional sealant, the foundation of your pool is secured and you can be sure that there are no leaks or cracks. With a pool tile, you can keep your pool immaculate always. Automatic pool vacuums and pool skimmers work better in surfaces like porcelain and travertine. This makes it easier to keep the pool clean.

Looking for pool coping materials?

At eStone Direct, we bring you the finest pool coping materials to suit your precise needs and budget. From Bluestone, Granite, Sandstone, Travertine, Marble, Slate, Limestone, Cobblestones and more, we have it all for you. Get in touch with us and we will be happy to take you through our collection to give your next project a professional finish.