Our drystone and stackstone walling comes in a large range of colours, shapes and textures, suitable for both freestanding and cladded walls and fences.

With elegant pre-fabricated stone panels, we can revitalise a degraded or unattractive wall. Prefab panels are adhered to the substrate and butt-joined, creating a luxurious dry-stacked stone-wall effect, a decorative focal point for your garden or home.

Our stonemasons excel at designing and constructing walls and features from individual stone pieces. Depending on the desired finish, our experts dry-stack without mortar joins, or we can space the stone and grout.

For a polished, high-quality finish, capping completes the tops of walls and features.

Versatile and modern, stone cladding is a stunning feature for both indoor and outdoor areas, including: fireplaces, retaining walls, façades, pillars, feature walls, letterboxes, BBQs, water features and outdoor kitchens.